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Bulacan intensifies catch-up polio vaccination

City of Malolos, Bolan – The Balkan Provincial Government, through the Office of the Provincial Health – Public Health (PHO – PH), is campaigning for polio vaccination for children aged five and under.

Governor Daniel R. Fernando said ketchup would be vaccinated by December this year.

Fernando said that despite zero polio in the province, PHOH is stepping up efforts to increase coverage for fully immunized children and protect all children in the province.

"Bagman Hindi Theo Cosma C Synchronized Polio Vaccination Na Genaga NGDOH, Ginaga Nathin 'To Para Macatolong Sa Bansa et Masigurado n Walling Magnifying Casso NP Polio Sa Balkan. True, but it is not, although we are not involved in the synchronized polio vaccination that the DOH is doing, we are doing it. So as to ensure the nation that there will be no polio cases in Bolan. So far, the vaccination we're taking here is for underprivileged children aged five and under who didn't return during their vaccination schedule, "Fernando said.

On the basis of PHOPH records, only 63% of the polio vaccine vaccine was administered in Bolan, which is 32% below the 95% target for any province labeled herd exempt.

Dr. Jocelyn Gomez, provincial health officer, said there were some reasons for the decline in the completion of the expanded immunization program.

Gomez said, "There are children who are not eligible for vaccination, no vaccine is available, some mothers are busy scheduling their baby's vaccine and others are concerned about its harmful effects. In the future. "

She encouraged everyone to visit the nearest health centers for more information and vaccinations to children under the age of five and under.

According to the World Health Organization, polio is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system, and can cause paralysis in a few hours.

The virus is spread mainly by the intestinal tract or by a normal vehicle (such as contaminated water or food), and by the intestine, it is transmitted by each individual.

It has also been reported that oral polio vaccine (OPV) is a safe and effective vaccine that has saved millions of lives over the years, but if a population is not adequately vaccinated, the virus is weakened. The circulation may continue.

The outbreak of polio in the Philippines has been confirmed to be from a circulating vaccine with type 2 polio virus. (PNA)

Source By: https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1084977

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