Novel Corona Virus: Facts and Hysteria

George C

The best treatment for outbreaks and potential catastrophes is calm study, practical decisions and quick implementation. The hysteria needs to be handled or it will take longer to control and resolve medical problems, with far greater economic and social damage.

While everyone should be careful, there are already several points outlined in the current virus outbreak that allow us to test our response.

Novel corona virus (NCOV) has fewer deaths than TB, flu, HIV, etc … In the United States alone in 2017-2018 the flu estimated that 80,000 died (center) Disease Control); Every year more than one million people are infected with AIDS, with more than 600,000 deaths annually. More than 1.5 million people die of tuberculosis annually. NCoV fatalities are very slow, even less than 5% of the 20% of people who are susceptible to exposure, usually have a weak immune system. (Chinese researchers themselves have warned that the data may not yet be at a stable level and may still change.)

China's disease management is moving fast. Once the disease has been praised, China has banned travel and activity in 11 million cities in Wuhan, a city larger than 5 million Chicago or 9 million New York. Despite the Chinese New Year's most important festival, it also restrained activity in other cities in the nearby city, comparing it to the H1N1 incident that began in the United States, but failed to stop or stop the movement, This could result in the deaths of more than 250 people. Thousands of China also demonstrated infrastructure capabilities by building a 1000-bed hospital within a week, and another is going on this second week.

The Chinese control the diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised China's currently free and fast communication, allowing for the immediate establishment of a "global prevention and control system". World Health Organization leaders praised China's response to the outbreak as a model for other pandemic disorders. China is openly working with other countries, contacting the lab in Germany to let them know that their return is a positive matter. WHO's Emergency Programs Program Michael Ryan reported that China actively contacted WHO and other countries to help respond more effectively, and welcomed the mission of international experts. Have agreed to do. They also shared research efforts, information about the virus gene sequence. The Wuxi-based tech company has also developed a high-speed nuclear test diagnostic kit until last week, which can determine in half an hour if you have the disease, and up to several thousand kits a day. Has started mass production. Although its critics say that the outbreak was not immediately followed by the outbreak, the outbreak was not immediately followed.

Widespread travel sanctions were not recommended by WHO Representative Gadon Gallia, who reaffirmed China's confidence in China's ability to overcome the outbreak. However, it is up to each country and locals to consider the framework of their decision as there is no definite belief in the treatment of the disease. Economists and analysts have pointed to sanctions so far that have had a huge impact on the economies of both China and the world so far, mainly the tourism industry, which has cost both sides billions of dollars. Damaged in just one month.

Other countries are looking for this. Germany, Japan, Israel, others are sending medical supplies, mask-lacking mask, and even their researchers to help prevent the outbreak.

Remain calm and confirm the news, see perspective. In local news released by a TV station, a boy's news was released as "infected with the corona virus", it was not understood that the corona virus was a common illness, and The boy recovers within 3 days, and has had a negative experience, where the current concern is nCoV or Wohn type. But not before panic. Fewer media in the Philippines report that more than a hundred patients have already recovered from this disease, while others report other cases of illness as they are somehow related to this category. Many Filipinos in Wuhan have shared videos on social media showing that where there is a lot of suffering, overall life is normal and returning home from the piano to avoid excessive reaction and sinophobia. Beg to leave

Ambitha Okimpo has expressed regret that the promotion of anti-Chinese anger and linking it to 2019-nCoV could lead to a cholera epidemic in Manila in 1820 in which a crowd of 3,000 people Rumors on speculation. The poisoning in the river by foreigners was due to pollution, causing it to lie.

Manage priorities, clarify our answers, make basic decisions about facts and logic. We must take this outbreak seriously and include risk areas, but like a business we cannot close everything because of potential recession or rivals, or political conditions. We can't leave our relationship because of any different disagreements, but we need to test our reaction. Tuberculosis and HIV have been causing alarming rates of infection in the Philippines for years, at the top of periodic dengue outbreaks (UN-AIDS report in October UN UN UN in: The Philippines' fastest in the world of HIV) There were increasing incidents).

We need a response and management system for all kinds of outbreaks, disasters, economic and other crises – that should arise from facts and logic, discipline, good execution, and not emotions, hysteria, Unverified news, advice from people who have more opinions than success or experience record

The challenges of globalization will no longer be solved by my attitude towards you, but rather the "real dangers facing humanity!"

(George C. Anwell is the Chairman of the Emeritus Business Club and Director of the Think Tank Integrated Development Studies Institute (IDSI) based in Manila. Businesses and communities, and efforts for common good, culture and spirituality ([email protected])

Note: This article was originally published on on February 2, 2020.

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