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Quezon City will accelerate the polio surveillance campaign

Manila – Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte said Thursday that the city's anti-polio campaign will be intensified following a new case of the disease in the area.

Then, after a report from the Department of Health (DOH), a three-year-old boy from Setsu Kaleva, in the Batsan Hills area, was tested positive for polio.

Belmonte instructed the Quezon City Health Department (QCHD) to work closely with the DOH to ensure the outbreak of the disease.

A preliminary investigation by the QHD reveals that the boy received five doses of the anti-polio vaccine – the first three vaccines were given when he was a baby and two other couples last year's DOH's "Subwing Puppet" Was given during the campaign.

It first showed symptoms of stroke on November 30, 2019. He took a battery of tests at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), which made Type 2 polio positive.

Belmonte said, "The Hindi Nagpabaya On Local Measurements Tungkolon Nitong Magbakona, Bentein in Isolate Positioning Caso NG Polio (Local Government was responsible for vaccination, monitoring and reporting of polio cases)."

He added that the city government will hold another round of polio vaccination as soon as the DOH supplies the need and encourage residents to practice proper hygiene and handwashing. Will launch a massive information campaign for (PNA)


Source By: https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1091129

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