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The DOH reminded the public to wear a fresh dust mask vs. the Isles

Manila – The Department of Health (DOH) once again reminded the public to put on their nose and mouth mask to prevent asthma from asthma and other respiratory diseases.

On Monday night, the DOH said in a statement that residents near the Tall volcano and in areas where the volcanic ash is thick must wear N95 masks while those living in low-volcanic ash sites. Individuals can use surgical masks, a piece of cloth or bandana. Their nose and mouth

In addition to respiratory problems, the DOH said volcanic ash can also damage the eyes, which advises the public to stay indoors and outdoors unless during an emergency. no.

"Magsot-n-salmon in Goggles Peer Protectant on Meta-Asphil – Iwasag Giamat anti-contact lenses, King Marie gomate Moenne Salamin (wear glasses and eyeglasses to protect eyes from distress. Avoid wearing contact lenses, if possible) Use glasses first), "he added.

In case of irritation to the eyes, the DOH reminded the public to refrain from meeting their eyes and to wash them with clean water.

Proper health care should be consulted for permanent eye and respiratory problems, the DOH said.

To prevent volcanic ash from entering residential and business buildings, the DOH said that windows and doors should be closed at all times.

DoH added that hanging moist curtains from windows and doors prevents volcanic ash from entering the house. (PNA)


Source By: https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1090791

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