The Heart Association wants everyone in the family to be trained in CPR

CPR Training Vice President of the Philippine Heart Association, Dr. Orlando Bagarin (Central), municipality health workers and guests during Wednesday (February) training of only Cardio Pulmonary Resettlement (CPR) for 600 students at Bataan's Small Municipal High School. Featuring with 5, 2020). According to the PHA, Bagrin, it is important to teach at least one person per family to teach CPR in the hands of survivors when needed. (Photo by Ernie Escond)

SIAMAL, BATAN – To inform young people of the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and actual behaviors that may save their lives, the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) has approved the Municipal Health Office. Held a handshake on Wednesday with the help of. There is only CPR training among 600 high school students.

Dr. Orlando Bagarin, a cardiologist and vice president of the PHA (Baton Chapter), led the training at the small municipal high school in Gogo's highlands.

In order to target the Department of Health (DOH) in the Red Cross, the department has to be targeted. At the work place of the cardiac arrest cardiac arrest (our target, together with the Department of Health (DOH) and the Red Cross), each family member knows how to perform CPR. Or at work). , "They said.

Bagarin said his free-hand CPR training is part of an awareness campaign that is involved in advocating for his organization.

He said it was a PHA advocate. This is a PHA advocate. We are educating the general public to perform CPR to save those with cardiac arrest only with use. "By hand)," Bagarian said.

He said that mouth-to-mouth procedures were used before CPR training, but ordinary people find it difficult to learn, unlike the new technique that involves the use of hand pressed breasts.

Part of the training was teaching students how to know if a person really has a heart attack and is the first to act in such a situation.

Another advocate of the PHA in coordination with the Small Municipal Government under Mayor Ada Mackalenau is the use of an automatic external deflator (AED), a portable electronic device that is used for cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation, Bagarian said. Automatically diagnoses

"Muggle's NEED Strategic Location Para King Killington Megamite NG Eating Mega Kababin. CPR SAKA AED and Copying Panacea Nitin Tomatoes NPage Asa Opportunity No ME REVIVET Ong Passagent Nagka Cardiac Grip (Keep AED in a Strategic Place so It Can Be Used by Our Country) CPR and AED , If combined, result in "higher chances of resuscitation of a cardiac arrest patient," said the cardiologist.

In this town, he also trained at Barangay San Juan's Villa Bernardino Resort for baby workers and Barangay leaders, who are the first responders to their community's emergency, he said.

The resort's owner and former Deputy Vice Mayor Emilio Medina and head of the Municipal Health Office, Dr. Christina Espino, are very supportive of the project.

"Guinea-n-Pyeong Pilipin-Nong Pong 2017 at 8 February, 8 May, Gagun Nitin Ang Tenatag Naye Month of Father N Tulad Ning Simul Nis Magnaron Titleong CPR Ready Municipality (We Do It All Over The Philippines) (And on February 8, we call Heart Month in Palmer Town what we, like Small, want to be known as the CPR Ready Municipality).

He said, "Sana Bong Batan Meijing (we wish that the entire Bataan would become a CPR-ready province)."

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