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Will increase the production of milk to fight malnutrition

Milk supplyGeneral Chat Chat Lounge A farmer oversees the removal of carabao milk through milking machines at the Ubi Stock Farm in Bohal Province. On Saturday (January 11, 2020), Booth Governor Arthur Yap said he was looking for additional kerberos to boost milk production for the Ubi stock farm, which would benefit 25,000 children in the province. (Photo courtesy of Ray Anthony Chew)

CEBU City – The Provincial Government is looking for some 25,000 children to increase milk production, said Governor Arthur Yap, a government cattle farmer in the city of Abbey to increase milk production. Has been

Yap said in a statement sent to the Philippine News Agency over the weekend that UB stock forms need to be increased by adding more heads of the milk-producing carabos for boiler milk consumption.

The effort is in partnership with the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) and the National Dairy Authority (NDA), he said.

Yap said he led a delegation from Bohl to visit the PCC in Nueva Ecija on January 9. They discussed the local milk production program for the 1.6 million tourists, 1.3 million locals and children's nutrition program in the province.

Along with the Provincial Veterinary in Bohol, Dr. Stella Marie Lopez, Yap met with Executive Director of PCC, Arnell del Berrio, Deputy Executive Director Cerro Celsius and NDA Project Development Officer Rowena Battista.

He said Lapiz calculated that only 25,000 babies would need about 800 milk-producing karabos in the lactation program.

He said he targeted the supply of milk to children aged three to five for 120 days in the next three years.

Leapz calculated that it would need 600,000 liters of 200 ml in 120 days.

Currently, there are 300 milking carbasses on Abbey Stock Farm. Yap said that only the province's lactation program needs to restore the balance of 500 to meet the required number of heads, to obtain the required number of liters of milk.

Boal milk also carries 1.6 million tourists, he said, and there are 1.3 million locals, but Abbey Stock Farm cannot meet the current demand.

If you go to all the resorts, you can ask each of them how much they are importing. They are importing all their milk and their cheese supplies. Conti Lang Benny Billy (some were acquired) from eBay stock farm. More importantly, on the issue of nutrition, bohols have high levels of nutrition in the Central Visayas. That's about 20-20,000 children. Therefore, we cannot even provide for our baby's milk needs, "Yap said.

The Bohol governor said his office is committed to addressing the "first 1000 days" of nutrition for every Boholian baby through breastfeeding.

"I think we, in the mist, have to focus on the first one thousand days. If you miss a thousand-day window, it doesn't matter how good the (teachers) are, even if you give each one (student) a computer and a teacher, Not in Hindi, they can't absorb knowledge, they just can't do it), "Yap pointed out.

He also said that on the way to increase food production, excluding agriculture, the provincial government would also promote a "one-day program" for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

"(The) explanation is the amount of money we are investing in the first one thousand days of a child's life, when they later get better jobs 20 years from today." This is a long-term investment. If not, we have always been known as Yas (Nanny) and the driver supplier. Being a home helper. (PNA)


Source By: https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1090720

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